a little glimpse of me :)

This is my glimpse on the world around me 🙂

I have never travelled before and suddenly my job made me a world trotter 🙂 So, here I present the world around me thru my eyes (oops my camera)….

I am in Love with nature……you would soon find….

I am like a travelling bear with her little camera running back of rabbits, standing under trees in autumn talking to squirells, smiling at the moon, dancing with the breeze, metling with snow, blossoming with flowers of spring……..waking up each morning with a lovely sunrise…. 🙂

Inspiration : 

For Photography – Any doubt??? Ya its Mother Nature!! I cant help but wonder clapping hands in joy each time I discover a simple secret of Hers……:) 

For starting this blog — Thank you Swaps

Hope u people enjoy!! 🙂 

Dont forget to drop in your views/comments/ideas 🙂 or even nice lines for what I post ( I reckon I am not so good at vocab)

PS: I am an amateur photographer 🙂


3 Responses to “a little glimpse of me :)”

  1. Wishes from me to become a Pro from Amateur. Awaiting to see the beauty of some parts of earth through your eyes(Camera 🙂 ).

  2. Thanks a lot Kanagu!! :-)….keep smiling 😀

  3. If the colour of the text is changed from yellow to darker colour, the visibility will be better.

    Destination Infinity

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