Hussain Sagar – Hyderabad!

By Sahaja

March 10, 2009


Category: Beauty, Places


Colors, Mirrors and Bangles – Ahh come to see Laad Bazaar and Charminar!

Ramzan, Christmas and Sankranthi – Secularism , you find it all here….

Reality Slums and fantasy film city co exist here – Ohh wait, its a tech Cyberabad too….

Hussain Sagar , Tank Bund and Imax – Places to hang out with friends till late in night!

Beauty, Love, Wealth and Harmony – Come and visit  Pearl City of India; 

 My City, Hyderabad…..

PS: Doesnt it look like the enlightened ring emanating from Lord Buddha?


3 Responses to “Hussain Sagar – Hyderabad!”

  1. O bete!! i didn’t know you hada photoblog!! This one is a cool snap with a good silhoute… wow now i have photoblogs i can regularly visit 🙂 🙂

  2. i lovvv hyd[:)]

  3. beautifully taken 🙂

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