Royal – Queen of Birds!

Her Highness….Serene and Graceful!

Caught her by the canal side when she was on her evening stroll!

I was always mesmirised by Swans – Hamsa as we call it Telugu!

Never thought they existed when I read in books like Chandamama

And here I am, seeing them and even capturing them to present to the world!

PS: Did u Know? they look so graceful but they are one of the most unfriendly creatures to MAN! they tend to be more ferocious and irritating! How looks are so different from nature! [may be another example of Nature teaching us!]


6 Responses to “Royal – Queen of Birds!”

  1. really beautiful… but until now I didn’t know that they are more ferocious against us… maybe if they are like that means they may also become extinct now..
    But this nature it says to us ‘Stay away, see and like our beautifulness’…. 🙂 🙂

  2. Happy New Year!!
    This year be like a swan, calm on the surface but paddling furiously beneath… towards success.

  3. Ferrocious? Swans? I thought there couldnt be any animal more ferrocious than man himself!

    hey welcome here Gopinath…i am very glad to have ur comments here 😀
    and ya man can be ferocious and angelic too…..and so are these creatures!

  4. hamsa as the hamsa chakra we have between our eyes. it is the chakra of the quality of discrimination (between things), infact the swan has got this quality very much developed!

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