Trying to reach into the sea 

Lladudno beach [welsh] 


PS: Swaps – this is wat I was talking about seeing one of ur pics


8 Responses to “Nature”

  1. Very nice one… I think you have taken this picture while travelling 🙂

  2. Nice beach! 🙂

    Hey, what happened to the photoblog theme? Every photoblog I visit is now just plain white. I miss the self-selecting colour theme 😦

  3. Thanks Kanagu……I took it from the road but not moving though!

    @ Raj – Dont know yaar….it automatically became like this…checked swaps blog also same there 😦 shud c if I can do something

    Thank you 🙂

  4. Ramya, don’t they say geniuses think alike 🙂

  5. hehe Thanks Swaps….I was seriously missing u on my blog :)…hehe

  6. then you may avoided that small building in the right hand corner. That’s my idea.. 🙂

  7. Ya….I did not notice it :)…Thanks Kanagu 😀

  8. luks like a huge elephant …searchin for something in d water.. 😛
    Me: uff…what a creativity? 😛

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