An evening in UK

What do you think is this??


11 Responses to “An evening in UK”

  1. Chandamama playing hide and seek. Beautiful picture!!!!
    I have been seeing all your pictures just now. oH Lovely.
    This is my wholesale compliments to you for all of them;
    each one of them is fabulous.

  2. Ohh Thats a huge compliment Sailaja aunty….I am humbled :)….Nice to see you here :D…

  3. Nicely taken with the cloud 🙂
    A shy moon taking the cloud clover.

  4. @ Kanagu…..A very nice description Thank you 😀

    @ Raj : You didnt tell me what it is ;-)…Thankooo

  5. Suppper! I envy this photo 🙂

  6. moon’s color is soooo nice…nicely captured….using ur camera well

  7. brings back many sweet memories to me[:)]

  8. is dat d moon or d sun..?
    Me : anna anna…I was waiting if someone would ask me this…and U did 🙂 I am smilinguuu…Guess what…When I first ran out to take the pic, I thought it was sunset….I was talking to amma then and she said [imagine without seeing] that its moon and still i thought it to be sun…but few mins later hehe instead of sinking it was raising……I was laughing out loud and told amma…hehe….Such is Life haina???

  9. Whether its the Sun or the Moon,
    Its going to be night pretty soon….

    Whether its the Sun set or the Moon rise,
    Its the time to dream, so close your eyes….

    Whether its the end of a hot day or the beginning of a cool night,
    Sleep well, take rest and have faith that tomorrow will be bright….

  10. @ ANkur – awesome yaar….i never knew u wrote poetry….if its offhand its just awesome!!! if its not also…its awesome! Its inspiring, rhyming and meanignful!

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