Royal Bengal Tiger

Her Highness, wandering around!!!

I was in awe when I saw it moving, God’s wonderful creation ….its indeed ROYAL!!!

It once again endorsed my belief of NATURE being our MOTHER and all that we do is try and imitate Her wonderful creation 🙂


4 Responses to “Royal Bengal Tiger”

  1. Any idea how strong they are?
    A tiger can leap over a 6-foot compound clutching a native Indian cow between its teeth!!
    It is 300 kilos of super-strong muscles.

  2. A dangerous beauty 🙂 nice photograph

  3. @ swaps….Whoa….I did not know yaar!! Thats incredible!! :O

    @ Kanagu ….. Thank you 🙂

  4. Beautiful photograph! 🙂

    The tiger is my favourite creature on the planet! 😉 😀

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