Wordsworth’s Paradise

Lake district of England 🙂

A place that inspired wordsworth to be what he is 🙂 [this is where he wrote his famous Daffodils in the advent of spring]

A place which undoubtedly could awaken a poet in you when you are there!!

Miles and Miles stretching

Across the hills, through the valleys….

Round the lakes, the beauty of Nature

registers through your eyes, touching your heart!!


9 Responses to “Wordsworth’s Paradise”

  1. Beautiful. Wish I could glide here.
    (Sahaja you are doing so well 🙂
    Sahaja : thanks swaps….but i am feeling a bit bad that I cant capture my incredible India in near future!!

  2. wowwwwwwwwwwwww…wish i can just stay there….must be beautiful at sunset tooo

  3. It’s so beautiful. No wonder Wordsworth become a poet. May I know in which country you are?

  4. oh forget see that… in England.

  5. Thanks Kanagu….It was indeed peaceful when we were there!!

    guess what?? English weather became so horrible that it rains almost all the time in Lake district….but that day, it did not…even our driver said he was amazed and we were lucky!!

  6. 😀 if there is some drizzle means it would surely added some beauty that place

  7. Hmm….Its nice if it drizzles in India…..I love it!!…But Here, you dont feel the same….my personal exp…Also, I miss India esp when it rains in such a place…coz here u dont get the scent of earth!! Mitti ki Khushboo as we say!!…
    for me, its beautiful the way it is now!

  8. simbly superb…i wish i had a small cottage there..
    Me :There are cottages called summer houses for the english families….thats where Wordsworth lived 🙂

  9. Awesome!! Picture perfect 🙂

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